Saving a Life || Klebekah 

Klaus was with Caroline when he got an urgent text from his oh so loving sister, Rebekah. He and Rebekah had been in a fight for a while, and Klaus was an expert at holding things over her head, especially Alexander. So when she needed saving from another hunter, it was not a real big surprise for the hybrid. He walked outside and got in his car, annoyed with having to leave Caroline behind, but he was not going to let a hunter kill Rebekah, it might be what he wants to happen, but he could not live with himself if someone else did it.

Driving down the highway, Klaus took the exit for the next town over, and read the street signs until he came to the one Rebekah gave him. He arrived at the house shortly after, and got out of his car. He trudged up to the door and knocked loudly, waiting for the hunter to answer. He crossed his arms and watched the door knob turn, and the door swung open. The tall male was about to speak but before he could, Klaus reached in his chest and pulled his heart out, throwing him and the organ on the carpet. He stepped over the dead hunter and closed the door, “Rebekah, love, where are you?” he said in a loud voice.

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